Art and Culture

Independent thinkers. Resourceful and resilient

The people that have made the Highlands their home have always been creative. Independent thinkers. Resourceful and resilient working with nature to create better, richer lives. And

Nowhere is this clearer than in the culture we have created. Our music and language, our architecture and gardens, our history and legends. When you escape your everyday life and join us in the highlands, you will be welcomed into that culture. 

You’ll see out tartans and highland dress. You’ll hear our pipes and drums. You can explore our castles, the clans that made them and the blood-soaked historic fields where Highland dreams were born and broken. Seeing these in their natural settings, you’ll begin to understand our ancient culture and spirit and get real insight into the rugged lands and shores that shaped them.

While your journey to the Highlands will immerse you in our landscape and its history, you will also  discover that our culture is still alive and vibrant. There is so much more than myths and monsters. Musicians, artists and makers are working here, finding new inspiration, reacting to a changing world and demonstrating that Highland culture is thriving and adapting.  It’s a culture we’re keen to share and there are a multitude of ways for you to explore all we have to offer and meet the people creating it.