Its like swimming just wilder

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming in the Scottish Highlands is a breathtakingly invigorating experience that offers a unique connection with nature.

Surrounded by majestic mountains, pristine lochs, and stunning waterfalls, the Scottish Highlands provide a stunning backdrop for those seeking to plunge into the icy waters. The thrill of swimming in untamed, unchlorinated waters is unparalleled, as the crystal-clear lakes and rivers of the Highlands offer a sense of purity and freedom. With a growing appreciation for the physical and mental health benefits of wild swimming, adventurers can relish the refreshing waters, the stunning vistas, and the sense of adventure that comes with exploring Scotland’s wild and untouched aquatic landscapes.

Loch Duntelchaig

Loch Duntelchaig is a beautiful, freshwater loch near Inverness. It has unbelievably clear waters, making it a great spot for snorkelling on a sunny day. It is a rocky-bottomed loch so best to wear shoes when swimming!

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Loch an Eilein

Loch an Eilein is a lovely hidden loch in the forest of Rothiemurchas. The loch has an island castle ruin that you can swim to. Beautiful forest scenes and wonderful wildlife to watch. You can also walk on a footpath which takes you around the loch.

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Loch Moy

Loch Moy is a peaceful, freshwater loch beside the village of Moy near Inverness. A hidden gem when it comes to wild swimming, with beautiful forest surroundings and a picturesque island to see.

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Brògaig, Isle of Skye

A short walk from the parking area at Brògaig, Staffin takes you down to a beautiful sandy beach, a lovely place for swimming when the sea conditions are right. Great for spotting wildlife here too - there's a good chance you'll see a grey seal or two.

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Loch Achilty

Loch Achilty is a small, pretty loch, located near Contin.
It has a beautiful pebble beach at one end where you can enjoy a picnic after your swim and take in the stunning forest scenery.

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