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Follow the Water of Life

Our language gave whisky its name – uisghe beatha is Gaelic for water of life.

And we continue to lead the world with Highland malt whiskies that are regarded, by many, as the pinnacle of the whisky distiller’s art.

Created from highland springwater, malted barley and yeast and given their unique flavours and aromas in recycled oak barrels, few luxury products are as sustainable as our highland malts.  You can discover  just how delicious and sustainable they are on one of the distillery tours featured here.


Distillery Tours


Our Visitor Centre is open 7 days from 10:30 – 16:30.  
Tours are available or visit the bar and sample our Tomatin 12 year old single malt.


Should your business be here?

We are inviting businesses who share our vision for a premium environmental tourism brand for the highlands to step up. To get involved and take your rightful place alongside the Highlands leading sustainable tourism businesses and organisations, get in touch. We look forward to working with you.