Our Wilder Wildlife

Experience Nature in Action

The one thing that unites all of our Highland adventures, is they connect you physically with our inspirational landscapes.

Connecting with wildlife in its natural environment is food for the soul. It breathes well-being into your body – rewarding you with natural highs that will elevate your experience of the Highlands and Islands to another level. The Highlands are a haven for some of Scotland’s rarest and most elusive wildlife but there are a host of adventures and guides that will introduce you to them.

You might choose to hike through Caledonian Pine Forest to catch glimpses of red squirrels darting along the branches, spot sea otters playing as you navigate the kelp on a west coast inlet or clamber up a mountain to share the view with a Golden Eagle soaring on the thermals above a Highland Glen. Take to the waves on one of our guided cruises and you may find yourself overtaken by a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins or watch in wonder as a basking shark cruises, languorously, beside you. 

The diversity of landscapes contained within the Highlands and Islands is awe inspiring and you’ll find no shortage of ways to explore them and encounter the stunning wild creatures that call it home. You can choose to set off on your own in search of them, but the many expert guides listed on this page know the secret and special places to take you to find all that you are looking for.


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