Our Culture, Our Heritage

What comes to mind when you think of Highland Heritage

For visitors to the Highlands they remain fascinated with our history and the stories of battles and castles and learning about tales of bygone eras in our museums.

They love to learn about and sample the ‘water of life’ in the many whisky distilleries and discovering Highland music and our kilts of tartan are still very much on the radar of Highland visitors.


Showcasing Scotland’s rich heritage and contributions to the world. From the iconic National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh to smaller local museums dotted across the country


Did you know that the number of Gaelic learners outstrips the entire population of Highlands and Islands?


The clan system was the basis of highland life and people wore the tartan of their clan.


Since the 12th century, our castles have served as defensive structures, protecting families,
communities and holding power. Today, most of the castles in the Highlands, whether maintained, occupied or ruined, are places of fascination for visitors to the Highlands who are enraptured with the history and stories steeped within the castle walls.


Music is at the heart of our culture. From gaelic song to the pipes and fiddle, our highland musical heritage is alive and thriving in the 21st century.


Shinty is played in some of the most spectacular settings in the Highlands and provides one of the most exciting spectacles to be found. It is one of the most dramatic and entertaining sports in the world, characterised by its fantastic team sport and community related rivalries.