Discover the Highlands’ guiding stars

Discovering the treasures of the Highlands has always depended on people who know the landscape like the back their hands.

Once the exclusive domain of ghillies and stalkers, there is now a wealth of specialist guides to introduce you to the Highlands’ hidden gems and secrets. They will introduce you to rare species, reveal places of extraordinary natural beauty, explain the complex ecosystems at the heart of our natural history and enthral you with stories and legends from our rich cultural history. 


Discover Golf as it Once was

Recognised globally for environmental stewardship at some of the world’s most stunning championship golf courses, Cabot are proud to sponsor Highland Tourism’s vision for a premium environmental destination and to work together with the region’s many legendary courses to ensure that golf in the Highlands leads the world in sustainability and sensitivity to its precious natural ecosystems. 

Should your business be here?

We are inviting outdoor and adventure businesses who share our vision for a premium environmental tourism brand for the highlands to step up. To get involved and take your rightful place alongside the Highlands leading sustainable tourism businesses and organisations, get in touch. We look forward to working with you.