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Exceptional Experiences in the Highlands

Welcome to one of the world’s great destinations.
A place that makes people passionate about our planet.
A place where nature is fighting back. And winning.
A place where footprints are light but memories run deep.

We have all the elements to inspire you!

We welcome you warmly to a land of ancient culture, where old language lives and new words are learned. A land steeped in stories and legend where history is still being made. A land where climate is king and we bow to the elements.


The Highlands offer a density and diversity of wildlife as you travel from coast to wilderness.

Food and Drink

Inspiring tastebuds with the world’s finest food and drink.


Our language gave Whisky its name – uisghe beahte is Gaelic for water of life.

Highland Castles

Big and strong our castles rock.

Country Sports

The Highlands is a renowned destination for country sports such as stalking, shooting and fishing.


The Highland landscapes that are home to our many golf courses are as precious as they are spectacular.

Outdoor Experiences

One of nature’s greatest playgrounds


Slow down and immerse yourself.


Almost 1,000 years of tartan, whisky, music, poetry, and much more.

Luxury fishing waves
Luxury Highland Experiences

Experience the very best we offer

Discover Destinations

Find out what our best destinations have to offer the conscious traveller

Explore Our Communities

Discover the true spirit of the Highlands of Scotland and its warm, welcoming communities, hidden gems and natural treasures

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Our Visitor Centre is open 7 days from 10:30 to 17:30
The Tomatin retail store, offering a wide selection of Tomatin whiskies and gifts, is now open daily. Please note from November, our Visitor Centre will be open from 10:30 to 16:30.
Experience Renewables in the Highlands
the world is facing its greatest ever challenges​

The Highlands are in a unique position to rise to those challenges and Highland Tourism has been created to build on that uniqueness. We have renewable and rewilding projects that are an inspiration to the rest of the planet and we can demonstrate what world-class environmental tourism will look like in a better future.

Great Visitor Experiences

These providers and organisations are really giving back

Meet Our People

Meet the people behind some of the most fantastic experiences and produce in the Highlands

Highland life has always meant making the best of local materials and there is a strong Celtic tradition of creativity which has inspired the crafts we have refined over many centuries. Today that heritage is still strong, with new generations of guides, storytellers, makers and artisans creating cultural and historical experiences, food, drink, arts and crafts inspired by, and sensitive to, their stunning surroundings.


come and lend a hand

Help restore and protect some of our most special places whilst experiencing the communities, culture, nature and landscapes of the Highlands

This site has been developed by Highland Tourism CIC working together as a community.
Highland Tourism CIC is a not for profit organisation reinvesting all funds for the benefit of the community and environment in the Highlands. 
The vision is for the a cross sector leadership approach to driving a world leading sustainable destination. 


Our board of directors

Chair & Founding Director Yvonne Crook

Vice Chair & Founding Director
Sam Faircliff

Director & Company Secretary Fiona Larg

Director Charlotte Wright

Director Stuart McColm

Director Willie Cameron

George Baxter

Further details of our team are available here.

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